interior decoration

Wood Fiber Cement Board Acoustic Laminated Gypsum Ceiling

Our talented and active R & D staff has always been dedicated to keeping up with the newest trends, to ensure acoustic product innovation. New samples are generated every year. HuiAcoustics analyzes market developments throughout the globe in order to keep up with the acoustic industry trend and provide our customers with the exceptional value.

Wood Wool Cement Boards Acoustical Laminated Gypsum Ceilings


Sound Insulation Mass Loaded Vinyl Manufacturer In China
HUIACOUSTICS Acoustic Partition Walls for Hotel/Hotel/School/Restaurant
HUIACOUSTICS Hotel Leather Wall Claddings for Interior Acoustic System
Wood Wool Making Machine Interior Decoration Panel
Perforated Wall Acoustical Panel for School Airport Theater
HUI ACOUSTICS Acoustic Wooden Wall Panels for School Interior Decoration

As a result of our high quality acoustic wooden panels and other acoustic materials, we have gained a global sales network reaching Canada, Qatar, Malaysia, United States, Vanuatu, Turkey, India, Germany, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Benin, Malawi, etc.


Our acoustic wooden panels and Polyester Fiber Acoustic Wall Panel Anti Sound Color Panels can be used at almost any architectural project that need acoustical treatment, such as band & choir rooms , animal clinics, art rooms , work spaces, railway stations, tennis halls etc.

HuiAcoustics is a manufacturer which specialized in manufacturing movable partitions, noise barrier, wood wool acoustic panel, wood acoustic panels and more, we have branch factory to produce other acoustic materials for us which ensure supplying stably and cost controlling well. We have a global thinking and vision, our business philosophy and product line will be the greatest degree of international market to meet the diverse and personalized needs.

Projects List

Arts Center of Guangzhou University Town; Huizhou Exibition Center; Information Center of Yunnan Normal University; Chongqing Finance Building; Jerusalem Municipality Office, Israel; Stadium of Southwest University of Finance; Lijiang Grand Theatre, etc.


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